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USA Mortgage is not only the largest independent mortgage bank in St. Louis, but we are the largest in the entire State of Missouri.

We are a highly specialized full service mortgage bank. Our level of service and lending power is second to none in St. Louis.

As the manager of the USA Mortgage branch located in St. Louis at 3250 Hampton Ave, I can confidently say we are dedicated to educating every home buyer to be set up for success. Our size and assortment of mortgage products ensures that our mortgage clients have the best home loan options available in St. Louis.

How Much House Can I Afford?

Our education process begins from the time we take your initial loan application. We will help you understand the loan options that you have available. We explain mortgage insurance and answer the question “How much house can I afford?” For example, many first time home buyers do not understand that financing $20,000 is roughly the equivalent of a $100 a month increase in payment.

If you are a first time home buyer or even a seasoned real estate investor, with the volatility and underwriting guideline changes in the mortgage industry over the last few years, it is important to have an experienced professional that you can trust advising you.

The TBD Mortgage Approval Program

In your home buying process the most important thing to you is obviously finding the right home, but from a mortgage standpoint the property makes up a small percentage of what we do. Our commitment to providing phenomenal service to our clients and to earn the reputation among local Realtors as St. Louis most trusted mortgage bank motivated our team to create “The TBD Mortgage Approval Program”.

Our TBD Mortgage Approval relieves much of the anxiety surrounding buying a house. My team will go over an entire set of “To Be Determined” loan documents with you before you even start your search for the perfect home. We will be able to process and underwrite your entire loan file with a property address of “To Be Determined”. Even though this process adds considerably to our work load, it is our belief that overcoming any obstacles associated with a prospective home buyer’s specific credit profile before they invest their time finding a new home is well worth it. “The TDB Mortgage Approval Program” gives home buyers, sellers, and real estate agents the confidence that comes from knowing USA Mortgage is standing behind them.

Updated: April 11, 2014